Maybe you are experiencing a problem, a painful situation, or a dilemma that is making you feel stressed and overwhelmed and is affecting your every day routine. If such is the case, you can benefit from the assistance of a clinical psychologist who will provide expert help during difficult times. Psychotherapy creates a safe and caring environment where you are free to explore your thoughts and feelings without being judged. Dr. Matov offers brief (30 sessions or less) psychotherapy with a goal of resolving whatever seems bothersome in the present time. In addition, Dr. Matov offers longer-term, depth-oriented psychotherapy that helps an individual understand his/her unique relationship to the unconscious. Potential benefits of therapy include, but are not limited to: relief from depressive and overly-anxious feelings, increase in one’s creative capacities to solve life’s problems, greater tolerance for ambiguity in our existence, and development of a deeper understanding of self and relationships with others. While seeking psychotherapy is often a hard decision, the rewards of feeling better and restoring a sense of balance are well worth it.

It is important to keep in mind that psychotherapy is a process and not a quick fix. The effectiveness of therapy depends on a client’s active participation and requires time and effort. It works best when a client attends all scheduled appointments and accepts the responsibility of applying what was learned in therapy to his/her everyday life. A therapy session lasts 50 minutes and typically occurs once a week. However, more frequent attendance is encouraged in certain cases.

Therapeutic relationship is delicate and is based on trust and respect for the client.  What's more, psychotherapy as a profession is governed by ethical and legal standards.  Therefore, the content of each session is always confidential unless someone's life is in danger.