I am a licensed clinical psychologist (license PSY 22643) with a private practice in downtown Palo Alto, CA. As a psychologist, I assist people in acquiring greater creative and emotional competencies, reconnecting with themselves and significant others in their lives, and removing obstacles to personal happiness and joy.

Psychotherapy is about personal growth, healing after emotional trauma and grief, and realizing one’s fullest potential. Distress can be manifested in various ways: depression, anxiety, burnout, addictive and compulsive behaviors, conflict with loved ones, loneliness, and other issues. In therapy sessions we examine meaningful relationships, communication styles, and barriers to success with a goal of restoring a sense of balance to your life and, by extension, to the lives of others who care deeply about you. For those clients who wish to deepen their self-understanding, we explore the unconscious by analyzing dreams, memories, and fantasies.


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